Matthew Weaver
Technology, trivia and a little coding

As a youngster,  I lived in a house with my parents, my aunt and my grandfather. At a stretch, there was room enough for three of us but that would not have worked - not in my family. My father, and his father, made chain, by hand, in a small foundry within walking distance. Lucky, since we had no other form of transport.


Before I was old enough to disrupt my classmates, I learned to take everything apart. Our radio, the vegetable garden that I later learned to appreciate, and even our first television when it finally arrived.

My father never frowned, his only words were, 'Breaking something up is fine, as long as you put it back together - a little better than it was'. I was too young to appreciate what he said but old enough to remember his advice.


As I grew older, I started learning how to rebuild the things I had broken. Even more importantly, I found that starting over can work - but it's rarely the best way forward. Just like the historical figures before us, follow their lead and build on their success. Throw away the concept that invention trumps improvement and work together to make the world a better place.

This is my philosophy today and I'm sticking with it until I find another great mentor that can convince me otherwise.

Thanks, Dad, I'm still trying to put things together. 

Since then...


I've worked with technology since 1995 - the year that Java made its first appearance as Andrew Wiles was publishing his proof for Fermat's Last Theorem. For almost as long, I have been fascinated by technology and mathematics, spending many of my formative years as a software developer. These days, I'm happy playing around with Python, always being impressed by how it can achieve so much with so little effort. 

I'm the consultancy director for Objectivity  A company helping organisations deliver value from technology for the last 30 years. Please get in touch if you'd like to learn more.

Things I'm serious about
  • Delivering value with technology

  • Solving challenging business problems

  • Sharing what I learn with others

  • Learning from people around me

  • Python, mathematics & emerging technology

Contact details

Email: matthew@matt-matters.com

Mobile: +44 (0)781 552 0068

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/matthewweaver/

Objectivity: https://www.objectivity.co.uk/